Men vs Women: Survival Style

In a Dutch version of Survivor, the men and women were split into two different islands. The men work together and build a cafe on the beach, shelter, and other necessities. The women don’t build anything, not even basic shelter. Instead they spend their time fighting and stealing from each other. That’s girl power for you. Men are constantly being portrayed as useless by the media, but when reality hits, the truth is quite obvious.

Lesson to be learned? Women require men to lead them. Otherwise they descend into chaos. That barren beach on the women’s island is the future of all feminism.

The 4th of July

George Washington

Ah yes, that great day when the brave Americans threw off the yoke of the evil, horrible British, right? This is the narrative we have all been taught since we were little kids (assuming you are American, at least). We all learned how the clever Americans disguised themselves as Indians and destroyed the property of merchants, how they refused to pay taxes to their government. To hell with laws and authority! We got some fancy new liberal ideas! The glorious riots and destruction of homes! The attacking of soldiers! It was indeed a great victory for the Left!

A bunch of angry citizens riot against the government. Feel they aren’t being represented…

Wait…this isn’t exactly how I remember it from elementary school. This sounds a lot like…

A bunch of angry citizens riot against the government. Feel they aren’t being represented…

The American Revolution, when you get down to it, was a contest between angry liberals (America) and the established state (Britain). The angry liberals won. Celebrate? I have very mixed feelings about the 4th of July. When I was a child it was simply a day when we barbequed, had lots of family over, and got to shoot off fireworks. I have a lot of happy memories of that holiday. When I got older, it was a day of pride for me. I was proud to be an American, proud of the soldiers who had fought, and glad that I lived in this country. And I am still glad that I live in this country, because most of the world is a shithole. But as I reflect on what actually took place in 1776, I find less reason to celebrate. It was the beginning of a grand experiment in government, and one that has gone terribly wrong in many ways. So what will I be doing tomorrow? Let me tell you. I will be taking my kids to see a fireworks show and then letting them shoot off some fireworks. I will be cooking on my grill. I will be celebrating those parts of America I love. Because I do love America. I love many of the people here, the land, and many of the great figures who have come from our land. And yet all of this, I feel, is despite the great tragedy that happened in 1776. So tomorrow, while you are watching fireworks, just remember that you are patriotically celebrating a pack of smugglers, tax evaders, and traitors. But history is always written by the victors, so now they are heroes. And already our generation is full of tomorrow’s heroes…

As American as Washington
As American as Washington

Introduction to the Principles of Tradition

I am going to begin working on a new project here. I am going to create a new system of thought.

Why should I create a new system of thought? Why shouldn’t I? Besides, the world is full of terrible systems of thought. Or rather, it is almost entirely dominated by one system of thought: Leftism. There really is no escaping it. It permeates everything we see, everything we touch. The so-called conservatives are nothing more than the loyal opposition, yesterday’s radicals. The conservatives have no ideas or philosophies upon which to stand. They want the world to be liberal, just not as liberal as the Leftists themselves. So in politics and in all social thought today we do not even have two systems of thought but rather one system divided into the cutting-edge and the outdated. It is a system of thought that has been very successful in converting almost the entire world. Since Leftism has a number of connotations and misunderstandings, perhaps it would be better to use a different term: Americanism. Make no mistake, Americanism is the dominate philosophy and atheistic religion of the world. No matter what country you look at, it is almost surely dominated by the thought-system of Americanism. Those places that have not fully converted are currently being put under severe pressure and painted as evil by the media (the most important preachers of Americanism). As of this writing, the primary resistant to Americanism is Russia, which is constantly being painted as dangerous and tyrannical since it refuses to adopt Americanism as its belief system and instead is currently fostering a traditional mindset.

But let me be clear. Americanism is not the worst religion ever invented and living in America or one of its client states is not horrible. There certainly have been much worse places to live, both throughout history and in current times. I would not emigrate from America to live in North Korea, for example. Nor would I desire to move to any place in Africa or South America. Both of those continents are complete nightmares of chaos—but in large part due to the implementation of Americanism.

I will have much more to say about Americanism later. But for now, allow me to simply give a broad outline of what this project concerns. At its core is Traditional thought, or Perennial Philosophy, especially the brand advanced by thinkers like Julius Evola. While I stated earlier that I am creating a new system of thought, this isn’t really true. But many have forgotten old truths, have forgotten the proverb, “Do not move the ancient landmark that your fathers have set.” So much of what I plan to do is to systematically bring forth, in translatio, that which has been forgotten. All ages need those that can speak the old truths with authority. I see all around me a number of good and right-minded people who are terrified at the direction that our country, and the West in general, is heading. This fear is not ill-founded. But there is no reason to despair or give in to hopelessness. Knowledge shall free the troubled mind. In addition, I will also at times give some practical advice on action to be taken. But my primary concern is with the Principles that have been lost. These are what separates the sane from the madness that surrounds us.

Most Published Science is Wrong


From NewScientist:

Most published scientific research papers are wrong, according to a new analysis. Assuming that the new paper is itself correct, problems with experimental and statistical methods mean that there is less than a 50% chance that the results of any randomly chosen scientific paper are true.

John Ioannidis, an epidemiologist at the University of Ioannina School of Medicine in Greece, says that small sample sizes, poor study design, researcher bias, and selective reporting and other problems combine to make most research findings false. But even large, well-designed studies are not always right, meaning that scientists and the public have to be wary of reported findings.

Despite the near cult-like belief in science nowadays, much of it is based upon pretty shaky grounds. This issue is made even worse though manipulative funding, regardless of whether this money comes from corporations or government agencies. The truth is that “science” today is not the pure pursuit we have been told it was. It spews out results that align with the wishes of those who are funding them. Can you imagine, during the big debates over tobacco, a scientist coming to the tobacco company with a report that tobacco causes cancer? Neither will the scientists who are, effectively in the employ of the government (through grants) dare to bite the hand that feeds them. And even if they were to do so, the crab mentality is too strong from them to ever get published.

Louisville Police Write Open Letter

The Leftists in this country continually attempt to paint the police as the enemy and the media is in partnership with this, by sensationalizing a few isolated incidents. A number of police agencies are getting sick of this. While there are, of course, some bad cops, most police make a lot of sacrifices to keep people safe and put their lives on the line.



Focused Action: The Male Imperative

Action is the path of masculinity. Women wait. Women react and respond to the world around. As a man, you must act. The current situation in the west is very hostile to masculinity. It promotes a version of manhood that is broken in spirit from disassociated work, who comes home, kills the spiritual pain through alcohol and numbs the mind through Netflix and video games. We men are constantly bombarded with images of manhood that presents men as weak, lazy, stupid and ruled by superior women.

Another show about an incompetent pussy? Amazing Idea!

By contrast, all images of genuine manhood are painted as misogynist, violent, outdated, medieval. Fuck that. We need more of the medieval. Men need to get their collective head out of women’s vaginas. Time to cut the cord boys. This isn’t about hatred towards women. I love women and have been very happily married for years. But I do not walk around my house on eggshells clinging to my wife’s apron. I take action. How do you spend your time as a man? You cannot fall back on the “I work X hours a day…” Who gives a shit. That equates to the minimum duty of a man. There are 24 hours in a day and it is time to act, to use your time. Here I will list some masculine imperatives.

Lift and lift heavy

As a man, strength is your most dominant physical trait. Maybe you think you are already strong. You aren’t. As it happens, raw strength is one of the traits that women find most attractive in men. But who cares about that. If you are getting strong merely to impress women, you are doing it wrong. You don’t lift to appease some pseudo-image of your mommy-wife or mommy-girlfriend. You lift because you are a man and strength is your birthright. When you lift you increase your testosterone and gain the power to perform the actions that men are born to perform. Saying that lifting heavy is for “juiceheads” and people with low IQ is a weak excuse and complete bullshit. I am about to finish a doctorate and you better believe I lift heavy.

Martial activity

Putin is in his 60s and still a badass.
“Man shall be trained for war, and woman for the recreation of the warrior: all else is folly.” – Nietzsche

There is a reason that the symbol of manhood is the symbol of Mars. Men are born for war. Now, there are many kinds of war in the world. The war of the mind, the spirit, and the body. Today we live in an information age that often prizes the skills of a computer programmer or economist over that of physical capability. It is an easy trap to fall into, to simply focus on what seems most effective and practical in today’s world. We as men tend to be pragmatic creatures who have little use for surface value or mere sentimentality. But engaging in martial activity (and lifting) have deep psychological and spiritual effects. You don’t train martial skills with the aim or goal of going out and beating someone’s ass. You should do it because you are a man, and to contest other men, even in play-fighting or sporting ways fulfills a deep biological and mental need. I’m not going to get into debates over the various styles and ways. It doesn’t matter. Train Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Judo, wrestling, boxing or anything else you want. Those gyms that engage in a lot of sparring or practice matches are to be preferred, because this is what puts your brain and your blood against another man. As per Tyler Durden: “How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?”

Gratuitous inspiring movie clip:

Have a male circle, and do things

Men nowadays spend too much time around women and in mixed-sexes scenarios. Most professions men work at now are full of women. These men then come home and spend the rest of their night with their wives. This is far too much estrogen boys. Time to come play with the men. Too many guys get married, have kids, and then let their wives cut their balls off. Get the hell out of the house and around some other guys and do things. And no, I don’t mean go over to a buddy’s house to play video games. If you have let your male friendships lapse because of marriage then reforge those friendships or make new friends. Meet people at the gym or at your dojo (you should be going to these, remember). Go out with some buddies for drinks. Go hunting, fishing, rock climbing, bowling, whatever. Just set aside some time for male activity. Don’t plan to just “hang out.” This will lead to you sitting around like women. Always plan for action. Go hike on a trail–this costs nothing and wakes you up to the world around you.

But…muh wife and her feelz!

You need to help with the dishes!

Some of you might think wistfully, “man I wish I had time for that, but the wife…blah blah blah.” Fuck that. Fuck her. Seriously. Do me a favor. Go find your wife’s purse and dig around in there until you find your balls, then reattach them. The truth is, while I think you should engage in the activities above for the sake of your own manhood, these activities are very attractive to any woman who isn’t fat and insecure. Don’t be fooled by this “be yourself” garbage. Women don’t want you to be yourself, they want you to be a badass. Don’t listen to what women say, pay attention to what they do. Women are attracted to men who can lift, fight, and who go outside and do things. Think about the images of manhood that women are attracted to. It isn’t a fat dork crying at a lifetime movie. The pictures generally show men who are dirty, working with their hands, who are strong a physically imposing.

By Odin’s Beard!

There is a reason so many women were attracted to Chris Hemsworth in the movie Thor. He is a viking walking around in a world of beta males. He drinks his coffee and smashes the cup. He saves the girl and then GTFO to go do other manly things. He doesn’t sit around on the couch hoping that his woman will give him pity sex. Instead he smashes things with a huge hammer.

Fatherhood and Commercials

Lately I’ve seen a few ads that are honoring fathers. They really stood out to me, because in this feminist-brainwashing society we live in, men are typically vilified and the traditional role of fatherhood is completely crapped on. It is good to see at least in some quarters people haven’t forgotten the absolutely essential role of a father.

Countless studies have shown that children who are raised with a father present in their lives do better in school, are healthier, are much less likely to get in trouble or go to jail, and are much more successful in their relationships with others (both romantic and otherwise). Fathers are needed to raise normal, healthy boys and girls. Feminism wishes to dismiss this, but biology and science don’t lie.